UIMp Control Station Discovery fails after VNX File Upgrade

EMC’s IONIX UIMp uses the ECOM and SMI-S provider services on the Celerra when performing a discovery of a vBlock registered in UIMp.

During a Celerra Control Station upgrade the ECOM and SMI-S provider services will be disabled and they are not normally re-enabled by EMC afterwards.

If your vBlock is being upgraded, don’t forget to remind EMC to re-enable the services, or you can do it yourself by following these instructions:

  1. ssh to primary control station
  2. make a backup of the /nas/sys/nas_mcd.cfg file
  3. edit the nas_mcd.cfg file
  4. scroll down to the end of the file
  5. uncomment all the SMIS and CIM daemon services:
    1. daemon “cim server”
    2. daemon “cim conf”
    3. daemon “SMISPlugin Log Trimmer”
    4. daemon “SMIS securitylog.txt Log Trimmer”
    5. daemon “SMIS HTTP_trace.log Log Trimmer”
    6. daemon “SMIS cimomlog.txt Log Trimmer”
  6. save your changes
  7. reboot your primary control station
  8. wait for primary to come back up and verify it is listening on port 5989 — netstat -an|grep “5989”
  9. reboot your secondary control stationĀ and verify it is listening on port 5989 — netstat -an|grep “5989”

Run a re-discovery of your vBlock and the control station discovery should pass now.