What to do if a reprotect fails in SRM… Protection group has protected VMs with placeholders which need to be repaired

I had this issue today where a reprotect failed after a Planned Migration. I thought it was worth running through what I had to do to resolve the issue without performing a ‘Force Cleanup’ Reprotect as there is currently no KB article describing this workaround.

In my case the planned migration went ahead as planned without issues. All VMs were powered on at the Recovery Site and the Recovery Plan completed successfully.

When it came to the reprotect however, the reprotect failed on Step 3 ‘Cleanup storage’ with the error ‘Error – Protection group ‘xxx’ has protected VMs with placeholders which need to be repaired.’

The reprotect cancelled and when I looked at the protection group, only 3 of the 11 virtual machines were in an ‘OK’ state. The other 8 had a number of different error messages, including SRM Placeholder datastore could not be accessed, insufficient space, etc. Nothing that seemed to correlate.

I tried the reprotect again, without the force cleanup option and it failed again, so I removed protection from all the VMs with errors, and ran the Reprotect again. This time it worked fine after a few tense minutes.

To get SRM back to a protected state, I then had to delete from disk the placeholder VMs in the Recovery Site and manually reprotect all the VMs.


Hope this helps…