Easiest way to confirm VMware Tools Vshield Driver is running

1.     Launch msinfo32.exe on server

2.     Open Software Environment -> System Drivers

3.     Scroll down and make sure vFileFilter exists and it is running


Beware vShield Endpoint Driver

If you are like me and you like to include the latest drivers in your SOE I have a word of warning about the vShield Endpoint Driver.

I included this in our 2008 R2 SP1 SOE as I knew we were going to be rolling out Trend Micro Deep Security.

Bad idea! The vShield Endpoint Driver makes the server practically unusable. You won’t be able to map network drives, you’ll get RPC replication issues, it will behave as if the most anal anti virus software has been installed with all features enabled.

Took me weeks to figure out it was this innocuous driver which wasn’t supposed to be doing anything…