vShield Endpoint Driver BSOD issue

The vShield Endpoint driver is back in the bad books this week.

Looks like it is now causing our virtual machines to blue screen. grrrrr

If its not an issue with Trend Micro Deep Security, its an issue with vShield Endpoint!

This affected our Citrix Xenapp Provisioned Services Servers quite severely. They were blue screening every day. This has only affected one of our standard virtual machines – a file server crashed during the day the other week.

This will affect anyone using the latest officially released vShield driver build-652273 and older versions.

This issue is confirmed by VMware to be fixed in a new version of the vShield Endpoint driver build-813867 — another reason to contact VMware  to get your hands on this driver as it has not been officially released yet.


3 responses to “vShield Endpoint Driver BSOD issue

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  2. I seem to have just tripped over this problem. We’re in the process of rolling out Deep Security to all of our Virtual Machines and having just installed the filter driver on a guest (from VMware Tools – according to the drivers properties, it’s and activating it in Deep Security resulted in an almost immediate BSOD blaming vsepflt.sys – subsequent reboots result in the host immediately BSOD’ing however when I deactivated the host in Deep Security the problem stopped.

    I’m guessing a support case with VMware is in my very immediate future? 🙂

    • Lol yip. Best to give them a call. They are a bit touchy about their unreleased updates being made available to the public.

      Note that if you move to vSphere 5.1 there is no such hotfix available to fix this same blue screen issue so upgrade at your peril!

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