Easiest way to start customising the UAG

The easiest way to begin customising the logon page and portal is to start with the languages.

First, on the Authentication tab of your Trunk settings, deselect ‘Enable users to select a language’. Disabling this option will remove the option to select a language from the logon page, cleaning up the page.

Next, start by copying:

  • \von\InternalSite\Languages\en-US.xml to \von\InternalSite\Languages\CustomUpdates \en-US.xml
  • \von\PortalHomePage\Data\Languages\en-US.xml to \von\PortalHomePage\Data\Languages\CustomUpdates\en-US.xml

These files contain all the text strings that are shown on the Logon Page (InternalSite) and Portal page (PortalHomePage). If you try to manually edit the \InternalSite\Login.asp you will notice none of your changes are reflected as all the strings are referenced in the language files.

Begin by editing these files to reflect your required branding. You don’t have to re-activate the portal each time. The web pages will update automatically.

Couple of quick wins:

  1. If you’re from a country that spells correctly, do a find and replace on ‘authorize’ for ‘authorise’.
  2. Do a find and replace on ‘Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway’ for your portal name.

Some of the more key strings to modify from \InternalSite\ (Logon Page) are:

Details at the bottom of the screen:

<String id=”1″ _locID=”1″><!– _locID_CDATA=”HTM” –><![CDATA[© 2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. <a href=’javascript:alert(‘Microsoft Corporation licenses the software and services on this portal to you according to your Microsoft Unified Access Gateway 2010 (the &quot;software&quot;) license. You may not use this portal without a license for the software. Contact your IT administrator for the license terms.’)’>Terms and Conditions.</a>]]></String>

I would remove all of this, so: <String id=”1″ _locID=”1″></String>

Title for the logon page where user enters their credential’s:

<String id=”2″ _locID=”2″>Application and Network Access Portal</String>

Warning and helpful info:

<String id=”4″ _locID=”4″>This site is intended for authorized users only.</String>

<String id=”5″ _locID=”5″><!– _locID_CDATA=”HTM” –><![CDATA[If you experience access problems contact the <a href=’mailto:’>site administrator</a>.]]></String>

Title for Logon Page shown in Browser:

<String id=”829″ _locID=”101″>Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway – Logon Page</String>

Used by Remote Desktop Application (user-defined):

<String id=”857″ _locID=”857″>Examples: computer.contoso.com,</String>

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