VMware Tools Unattended install — Shared F**king Folders

Note to Self. When attempting to remove Shared Folders ‘ during an unattended installation of VMware Tools in Windows as per the unattended installation guide and KB2000399, you need to remove ThinPrint as well as it has a dependency. Otherwise you get a missing tpmon error during the installation. Having had experience building 8 node thinprint clusters and deploying and supporting Thinprint in an enterprise environment, I detest Thinprint. Universal drivers that support ‘every’ printer are always a compromise, reducing printer functionality and increase hostlity towards IT. Thinprint is one of the cheapest universal drivers for a reason. I digress… shown below is an unattended install example.

msiexec.exe /i “vmware tools64.msi” ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=”Hgfs,ThinPrint” /qn /l*v c:\support\vmwaretools64-install.log /norestart

I’m beginning to hate shared folders.

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